Fax Apps Available Through Parmetech

Digital Fax Apps

Faxing is still an important function in many offices and often legally required, but how to update legacy systems can be confusing. Integrate digital fax apps into your existing environment for a more consistent user experience, better faxing security, reducing cost while meeting all legal requirements.


Remove costly analogue phone lines and fax your documents digitally and securely through the XMediusFAX Cloud service or On-premise server.

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iXware Cloud Fax

Send/receive faxes directly from your email or send faxes from your EIP-enabled Xerox MFP.

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Xerox ConnectKey Technology

Xerox Fax Apps

Xerox ConnectKey transforms your printer into a smart workplace assistant. As a proven technology solution, ConnectKey helps collaborators communicate, connect and work from anywhere.

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