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Philadelphia Office Devices and Printers

Here at Parmetech, we provide all the office technology hardware and software solutions you could need for your business in Philadelphia. From multifunction printers to MFP apps; we have all of your requirements covered, ensuring your business can run as efficiently as possible. What makes our company different from the rest is our client-centric approach.

Our Philadelphia Managed Print Services & How They Can Assist You

Managed Print Services (MPS) are designed to make sure that you take control of the printing infrastructure at your business. MPS will streamline everything related to printing, including billing, repair, support, supplies delivery, and of course, output. Through our managed print services, you can have true visibility into the costs and processes linked with printing.

We have an exceptional track record at our business when it comes to helping our clients to run as efficiently as possible while also reducing their costs. Take a look at our testimonials page to see what some of our previous customers have had to say about the service that we provide.

Our process

Over the years, we have worked very hard to put together an excellent process that means you will receive the best possible service and support. This includes the following…

  1. Assess – If you do not have a true understanding of the environment, how are you going to design an effective solution? We have a forensic print assessment process, using quantitative and qualitative data collection methods so that we can understand your print requirements.
  2. Design – We use state-of-the-art technology and our many years of experience to design a solution that is right for your requirements and objects.
  3. Implement – The next step of the process is to put all the changes in place, using the best management practices to ensure the changes are as easy and seamless as possible.
  4. Manage – Once the implementation phase has been completed, this is just the start – not the end! We will be there to assist you in terms of managing your new environment and providing you with the tools you require so that everything is as easy as possible.
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There are a lot of other companies out there that will try to send you costly equipment you don’t need. We’re not one of these. We provide the right solution for your technical and budgetary requirements.

How Does Parmetech Reduce Philadelphia Business Cost?2019-11-06T01:13:32+00:00

We have an extensive record of assisting your clients in terms of lowering costs by carrying out assessments of our clients’ environments. 

Contact us today for more information

If you would like more information about the different services that we provide here at Parmetech and how we can assist your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We will be more than happy to assist you in any manner that we can.

No matter how big or small your queries are, our friendly team will be there to assist. We look forward to hearing from you.

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