In today’s workplace, ensuring the security of sensitive information is paramount for any business. While much attention is rightly focused on cybersecurity measures for digital data, it’s crucial not to overlook the risks associated with hard copy documents, especially in office environments where printing is a routine part of daily operations. A 2023 Xerox/Quocirca study found that 61% of organizations have experienced data loss in the past year due to unsecure printing practices. Despite the risks, a Fruth Group study found that only 33% of IT decision-makers felt confident their printing systems were secure, while 74% had already experienced data loss from this very issue. By implementing a secure printing solution, you can minimize unnecessary and wasteful printing as well as increase security around your printed documents.

Let’s take a look at how to implement a secure printing solution to safeguard your documents and protect your organization’s sensitive information easily and effectively.

Using secure printing solution to safeguard printed documents and data

Why Secure Printing

When it comes to data and security breaches, printing is often overlooked as a point of vulnerability.

Unauthorized Access: Unsecured printers can be accessed by unauthorized individuals, leading to the theft of sensitive information.

Data Leakage: Printed documents left unattended on printers can be easily accessed by anyone, resulting in data leakage.

Compliance Concerns: Failure to secure printed documents can lead to compliance violations with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI DSS.

Implementing a printing solution that utilizes secure print release means that instead of sending a document directly to the printer and having it immediately printed out, the document is held in a print queue until the user is physically present at the printer to release it via a PIN code, badge, or another means of identification. This process ensures that unnecessary prints are minimized and sensitive documents are not left unattended in the output tray, where they can be easily accessed by unauthorized individuals.

How to Implement a Secure Print Solution

Bringing a secure printing solution into your organization will maximize your printing security, reduce wasteful printing, increase cost savings, and increase user satisfaction and productivity. So how do you implement a secure print solution within your organization?

1. Assessment: Evaluate your organization’s current print environment, including locations of printers, the number of printers, printing volume, and security requirements. This assessment will guide you in making the best decision for the organization’s needs when it comes to a secure print solution.

2. Selection: Research and select a print management software solution that aligns with the organization’s security policies and requirements and offers secure printing functionality. Consider factors such as ease of use, compatibility with existing infrastructure, and scalability.

3. Integration: Work with your IT team or your print management software provider to integrate your selected printing solution with existing network infrastructure and printing devices. This will include defining the user authentication methods (PIN code, username/password, badge, 2FA/MFA, etc.) and establishing clear print policies and guidelines. Ensure proper configuration and testing to minimize disruptions to workflow.

4. Education: Provide comprehensive training to users on how to use the secure print solution and make sure that you are communicating your print policies to users. Emphasize the importance of following these policies.

5. Monitoring and Maintenance: Implement regular monitoring and maintenance procedures to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of your secure printing solution. This may include policies for disposal of print jobs in the queue such as automatically deleting print jobs that have sat in the queue for X amount of days. Additionally, make sure you are regularly updating software and firmware to address any security vulnerabilities that may arise.

Turn Your Printer into Fort Knox with a Secure Print Solution

Secure print solutions are essential when it comes to safeguarding data and documents in the workplace. By implementing a secure print solution, you can safeguard sensitive information, ensure compliance, and give yourself peace of mind. With the right implementation and user training, you can enhance data security, promote cost savings, and contribute to environmental sustainability efforts as well. Remember, a secure print environment is an essential part of any robust data security strategy.

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