November 8th is National STEM/STEAM Day! (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) – STEM/STEAM is all about the education of the next generation.

Without the proper knowledge on these subjects, the next generation of workers won’t have the proper tools or experience to fill the positions in these industries.

This is why it’s important for everyone – teachers and parents alike – to integrate STEM subjects into student education and training.

“Introducing kids as young as six or seven years old to STEAM can vastly improve their development in crucial areas ranging from rational thinking to everyday social and emotional skills,” stated Krishna Vedati, CEO and Co-founder at Tynker, a learning system that teaches kids to code.

Two Female College Students Building Machine In Science Robotics Or Engineering Class

“More and more careers will require STEAM skills, and getting children curious about math and science at a young age gives them a base layer to build upon. It’s our mission to help kids to become the makers of our future – by introducing these topics via gamified and interest-based learning, we turn challenging subjects into fun activities kids can easily grasp and truly enjoy.”1

Ways to Celebrate National STEM/STEAM Day

There are many ways to get kids involved in activities that celebrate National STEM/STEAM Day – not just on November 8th, but every day – whether in a physical classroom or learning at home. Here are a few ideas on how to get started:

  1. Let Them Show What They Know
    Project-based learning, game-based learning, and learning by teaching are all techniques of active learning that are proven to reinforce learning, foster critical thinking, and help develop problem-solving skills. Let students create a mini-lesson or mini-game for their peers that explain/explore STEAM topics. For example, Tynker, a platform for kids to learn computer programming, allows kids to build games, apps, and minecraft mods that can be explored by other kids!
  2. Engage Their Interests
    It’s always easier to learn about topics when it’s something you’re truly curious about. Figure out what sparks your students’ interest and help them to learn while exploring their curiosity. For example, if your child or students are interested in astronauts (and I mean, c’mon, who isn’t?!), NASA offers many ways to celebrate National STEM/STEAM day with them such as #AskNASA where students can ask questions via social media and have the chance to have it be featured in a video by NASA or for kids who are more interested in art, they can enter the 2020 NASA Art Contest (after all, Art has become the added ‘A’ turning STEM into STEAM).
  3. Mix It Up
    What better way to get students excited about STEAM topics than to make them feel special and exciting. Incorporate fun educational facts into your daily activities or lessons (maybe even incorporate prizes for correct answers!), start a book club or reading circle around STEAM books that tell the stories of brilliant innovators, visit a museum and get hands on (socially distanced and safely of course), or even watch a STEAM based movie such as Hidden Figures, Spare Parts, Big Hero 6, October Sky, or Coco. The options are endless!

These are just a few examples of how to get started with celebrating STEAM! However, to really enhance the learning experience, whether in the classroom or learning virtually from home, consider introducing new technology in your classroom.

Whether you oversee a K-12 or higher education facility, you can improve the learning experience of your students by using the latest technologies in the industry. Investing in new technology is a great way to make learning science, mathematics, and other subjects more engaging, fun, and memorable.

Different Types of Interactive Technology

There are many advantages to interactive technology when it comes to the classroom. Students who use these tools are more engaged in the learning process, and will have hands-on practice with technology they may see in the workplace. Interactive technology is also a great tool to support active learning. Active learning encourages students to participate in the construction of knowledge and insight – to not only think about the work they’re doing but to also think about the purpose behind it. This type of learning helps to build deeper understanding and enhance higher order thinking skills like evaluating, creating, and analyzing, all of which are critical to real-world application of knowledge.

There is a wide range of different types of interactive technology to better suit the unique needs of each educational facility.

ViewSonic ViewBoards

ViewSonic ViewBoards are a type of interactive display for workplace & education purposes.   These interactive displays allow you to present in the classrooms, facilitate collaboration and brainstorming among students, and ultimately make decisions from anywhere in real-time with shared content that anyone with a Wi-Fi signal within your organization can access.

There are different series and sizes available – this large range of options gives you the freedom to choose the size, technology, and style of equipment that best suits your needs. For a deeper dive into interactive panels and everything you need to know, check out our complete guide.

Just as important as the panel is the software that it runs on. myViewBoard™ is the companion software for the ViewSonic ViewBoard. This digital whiteboarding software makes use of a cloud system, to ensure you can save and store your work wherever you are in the world. 

myViewBoard enables teachers to build dynamic lesson plans, import engaging content, share lessons with students, and access their teaching tools, assignments, courses, and documents – all in one place – whether in the physical classroom or teaching students from their homes. 

Teachers can download course materials or activities, and they can send their own materials to other teachers for content sharing and feedback. Whether yours is a Windows, Android, or cloud environment, myViewBoard works well with existing technology and seamlessly integrates into nearly any classroom.

For educational facilities wanting to adopt virtual learning policies, myViewBoard makes going digital a smooth and easy process. This software can be utilized by teachers and students alike, both in the classroom and remotely through virtual learning processes. This equipment is easy to use, and can optimize the learning curriculum as a whole with its engaging programs.

ViewSonic Interactive Projectors

For classrooms on a budget, you don’t have to worry about missing out on interactive technologies due to insufficient funds. Parmetech’s ViewSonic Interactive Projectors feature many of the benefits of the ViewSonic ViewBoards and myViewBoard Digital Whiteboarding Software, but at affordable rates. Your classroom can enjoy engaging, interactive software while you rest easy with the knowledge that you are staying in the school’s budget for your equipment.

ViewSonic Digital Kiosks & Billboards

The entire school can take advantage of upgrading to interactive technology with ViewSonic Digital Kiosks & Billboards. This equipment is great for creating high-impact, dynamic messaging throughout your facility. Principals, Teachers, and other staff members can instantly communicate a consistent message across campus. These tools are perfect for school events, emergency notifications, and more. Having this equipment dispersed throughout the grounds is a great way to keep students and staff up to date on the latest announcements and school policies.

Scale-Up Classrooms

For the ultimate solution for student engagement and learning processes, upgrade your classroom with Collaboration Stations. These high-tech brainstorming areas include the latest interactive technologies like ViewBoards, Large Format Displays, wall mounts and trolleys, and content sharing software. With Collaboration Stations, students can work as a team to complete large projects or other assignments in an engaging way that allows them to soak up information while enjoying the experience. Upgrading the classroom to this collaborative equipment can improve student participation and overall classroom engagement.

How Will You Celebrate National STEM/STEAM Day?

While you may divert to a simple lesson plan to celebrate National STEM Day, it is never too early to consider integrating new technology into your classrooms or educational departments. Consult with other staff members about the school’s budget and see if you have room to upgrade your classroom technologies to the latest equipment in the industry. This investment can transform how your students learn and can greatly impact test scores.

At Parmetech, we offer customized training sessions for ViewSonic products and services. Our team will be with you every step of the way when you’re deciding on the latest interactive technology. We can consult with you about the best products for your budget, and will make sure that you understand how to use the software before it’s time to introduce the technology to the class. Take advantage of our experience with interactive learning by scheduling an introductory call at 1-800-727-6383 today.